Skillmine Infrastructure Services offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that maps across all aspects of IT infrastructure advisory, design, implementation and ongoing management. This enables us to be your true capability partner with end to end focus on business outcomes. We ensure that we deliver solutions that are Efficient, Scalable & Secure, striking a balance between flexibility and cost.
  • Development & Implementation of a Self Service App Store for approved desktop software to be installed on a click and reclaim unused software licences for 90 days.
  • Development and deployment of illustrative video articles for common user issues.
  • Design and deployment of a value tool for super fast file transfer from remote locations and different test beds.
  • Design and re-configuration of security Zones within the Data Center.
  • Development and Deployment of a portal to auto deploy and deliver standard low end virtual servers in Dev.
  • Improved the user experience to make available required software instantaneously. Also reduce true up costs on licensing by re-use of reclaimed licenses.
  • Helped in user education and reduced support load on Service Desk by means of lesser calls.
  • Improved TAT for integrating test beds and faster testing cycles. Better integration with remote locations.
  • Elimination of requirement of various firewall rules proving better experience to developers.
  • Self Service and faster TAT to Dev teams to manage their own platforms for Dev and Test phases of SDLC.
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