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- We help managing compliance by standardizing & organizing compliance related initiatives and workflow based tracking of compliance related tasks across organizations. This solution also provides a Dashboard of your Compliance status for active management.-

About COMPLYment

COMPLYment provides flexibility for managing and tracking the necessary Compliances as per various Standards like PCI, ISO, HIPAA etc. It is designed to simplify the gap analysis process and required mitigation, to attain the desired compliance level for organizations. The structured approach of COMPLYment increases overall process efficiencies for organization.

COMPLYment provides systematic, disciplined approach, to evaluate through Self-Assessment and improving the effectiveness through Risk Assessment, Operations Control and other associated sub-processes.

With COMPLYment software, customers can rapidly identify, analyse and address compliance-related deficiencies, non-compliant issues & sources and generate & track Corrective Action Requests (CARs) to prevent reoccurrences.

COMPLYment Process


Setup standard and structured Compliance components for your organization for PCI / ISO / HIPAA etc in line with international standards. Through this one time Setup, you create the building block s for compliance within your organization.


Using Control, create the required access mechanisms and control structure of compliance information within your organization and how the work gets done.


Create the entire flow of chain for a specific compliance requirements like questionnaires, information gathering etc.

Configure tasks

Configure tasks pertaining to any compliance as per Departments. Submission of tasks with required evidence and clarifications. COMPLYment will remember the frequency and output of each of these tasks.


COMPLYment has configurable schedulers. These schedulers can trigger alerts at a set time prior to compliance task due dates to remind Department of approaching compliance tasks.


Uploaded documents are proof of compliance task completion. COMPLYment triggers the auditor at this stage and these documents can be audited by CISO and reassign the task to Departments as incomplete.


COMPLYment provides an optimized report which gives clear ideas about how much your Company is compliant towards the international standards.

Centralized Control

COMPLYment has department hierarchies and access control. Top management can get full visibility of status of compliance across all departments.

Historical Data

COMPLYment provides flexibility to archive Compliance related tasks, reports and their evidence. This helps organisation pull out historical Compliance report for any year.


  • Self-Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Operational Control
  • Pre Audit
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