Skillmine’s IT Assessment Services give you access to the expertise you need to ensure that your infrastructure, applications, processes, and projects are in line with your business goals. Leverage our knowledge to help you navigate your way through the technology landscape.

Strategic Understanding

• Understand current Business Overview & Strategy
• Understand the current state of IT & Information Security
• Meet Key Business Stakeholders to get feedback and understand pain areas if any
• Understand key in-flight initiatives / projects


Data Collection

• Identity Governance & • Collect Data around IT and Information Security
• VAPT Reports, Audit Reports, Ticket and Outage Reports
• IT People Skills and Matrix
• IT Capex & Opex costs, Telecom spend etc
• Key Vendor and Partners
• IT Landscape, Servers, Applications, Network Devices, Software Currency etc


Deep Dive

• Visit Data Center & Operations Work area. Meet IT Teams
• Look at key systems, logs, sample firewall logs and rules
• Understand Access provisioning, Joiners & Leavers etc
• Observe Exception Handling



• Co-relate the Business Feedback / Operational Metrics / Current methods being followed
• Analyse Availability, Cost, Productivity, Efficiencies, Performance, Sustainability, Complexity etc
• Explore Options on alternatives if needed
• Observe ability to adapt change and at what pace



• Colour Coding of the current state of building blocks of IT Infrastructure & Information security
• Clear documentation of issues with evidence
• Pointed recommendations to alleviate or improve
• Relevant Time / Cost / Complexity and Approach to bring the Change
• Clear articulation of Cost benefits


Ongoing Advisory & Execution

• Handholding and Advising on making decisions as needed
• Ongoing remote consulting for any key projects as needed
• As per demand, execution and implementation of improvement projects

  • Visit Data Center & Operations Work area. Meet IT Teams.
  • Look at key systems, logs, sample firewall logs and rules.
  • Understand Access provisioning, Joiners & Leavers etc.
  • Understand execution of operational controls and processes being followed.
  • Observe Exception Handling.
  • Look at Vendor / partner reports.
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