SOC (Security Operating Centre)

When it comes to managing security, our SOC operating model delivers unparalleled service to your organisation. We set up a comprehensive four-part model that covers each aspect of security management and leads your SOC programme in the right direction.

The SOC operating model has four aspects – Incident Response, Engineering, Threat Monitoring and Analytics. Each of these works closely with the other to ensure that the ongoing process of maintaining security is running smoothly.

HOW WE DO IT Work Flow


This team is responsible for the timely detection and confirmation of security threats as well as their rapid resolution. They ensure that the threat is contained and that the circumstances are investigated appropriately while a solution is implemented.


This team focuses on optimising the monitoring and detecting capabilities so that incidents can be identified more accurately. They also focus on building new detection capabilities and deploying capabilities to automate and orchestrate SOC processes.


This team focuses on enhancing the firm’s capacity to detect new threats. They identify advanced threats that could evade security control, create prototypes to detect malicious entities, identify new techniques for incident detection and conduct ongoing tests of SOC detection and remediation capabilities.


This team focuses on operating the security analytics platform, measuring SOC performance, undertaking root cause analysis after security incidents occur and identifying gaps throughout the system that leave it vulnerable to threats.

NOC (Network Operations Centre)

At Skillmine, we contribute towards the efficient management of your Network Operations Centre (NOC) by setting in place consistent processes for the monitoring of all events and incidents as well as the speedy reporting, recording and resolution of each such event or incident. Our goal is to create processes that ensure minimal disruption to the IT environment from ad hoc changes, thereby enhancing your operational stability.

We conduct regular service monitoring and surveillance procedures to ensure that all services and processes are running as they should be. We test first-level troubleshooting and resolution, service verification, end-user experience and incidents for internal and external units. Our responses are both proactive and reactive to ensure that everything is functioning normally. In order to accomplish NOC management more effectively we help you set up a physical room with all the necessary computer equipment along with the software needed to handle security related alerts. We also help you design focal points for NOC implementation services, both location-wise and customer account specific.

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