Technology Transformation

Technology Transformation is used to create an IT Capability to maximize shareholder value. 

Technology Transformation uses enterprise architecture planning to produce descriptions of the desired and current IT capabilities and a roadmap for getting from one to the other. 

IT Governance is used by IT Transformation to oversee and manage all of its operations. IT governance includes guiding principles, regulations, organizational structure, the creation of business cases, and the optimization of the project portfolio. 

IT Transformation Drivers

  • Response to Business Change: When the IT organization needs to switch to a new business model, enter a new market, or introduce a new product, IT Transformation is sometimes necessary. IT must adapt if the company reengineers. IT transformation is frequently required to increase IT organization agility and enable it to respond quickly to the constantly shifting business environment. 
  • Response to Leadership Changes: IT must adapt when a new CEO frequently changes their overall strategy. CIOs have a reputation for transforming the company they work for into something more aligned to their own leadership style. 
  • Response to Efficiency Demands: CIOs are under pressure to cut costs. Some IT footprints provide better cost graphs than others. 
  • Response to Effectiveness Demands: Business IT Alignment frequently serves as the catalyst for IT transformation since meeting business needs necessitates significant adjustments to IT capability. 
  • Response to Mergers and Acquisitions: When two organizations merge, there’s a chance that one or both of the firms involved will undergo IT transformation. 

IT Transformation Benefits

The advantages of IT transformation are described as follows: 

  • Improved business delivery through collaborations that better integrate IT with agency requirements and foster creativity.
  • More resources and value for each dollar spent on IT enable agencies to focus on their core goals better without sacrificing transparency or control over their IT solutions.

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